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Our program currently specializes in areas of the performing arts; offering year-round lessons, utilizing methods of mentoring that are engaging and easy to understand! In addition, we offer frequent performance opportunities throughout each year, which allows our students to showcase what they're learning as solo acts and/or as ensembles! Our program is fairly new to the community, being officially established in 2018; however, we greatly appreciate the students and associates that make us feel right at home here in the Triad area!
Trevor Gabriel is a self-taught musician, born and raised in New York City. Trevor not only serves as Founder & Program-Director for A.I.M., he also serves Winston-Salem NC and surrounding areas as a full-time musician, recording-performing artist and music-mentor; teaching private piano, percussion and voice lessons.
Since the age of 5, Trevor has expressed a deep love for creating and performing music; sharing that same passion on stage with music artists such as Artimus Pyle of "Lynyrd Skynyrd", Dorothy Norwood & Dominique 'Doe' Jones of "Forever Jones". After receiving opportunities to host music workshops within communities throughout the NC Triad area (from 2013-2017), Trevor developed a passion for mentoring individuals in the Performing Arts; dedicating his new-found love for mentoring to his earlier years as an aspiring artist and musician. "Though I'm grateful for my journey, a very essential part of my life's goal is to provide aspiring artists and musicians with development & mentor-ship that I did not have access to while growing up," says Trevor. "We at A. I. M. Enrichment Center are dedicated to the mentoring & development of the performing arts to generations! 
Trevor Gabriel 
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